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The sleeve 2.0 from exitkey offers a high level of protection small room. It is an innovative protective sleeve, consisting of a sleeve and two screwable covers. This unique design not only provides additional protection from environmental influences, but also Also provides a visual barrier so that the contents of the capsule are not immediately visible is recognizable.


Another advantage of this protective sleeve is that After closing, a security seal with a serial number, which is included in the set, can be attached and cannot be removed without being destroyed. This ensures additional protection against unauthorized access.


The sleeve 2.0 is made of high quality 316Ti stainless steel manufactured. This alloy is mainly composed of iron, chromium, nickel and Molybdenum, with the addition of titanium (Ti) increasing its resistance Intergranular corrosion improves and strength at high temperatures elevated.


The chemical composition of 316Ti stainless steel is usually between 16-18% chromium, 10-14% nickel, 2-3% molybdenum and one Titanium content of around 0.5-1.5%. This alloy composition gives the material excellent corrosion resistance, especially in aggressive ones Environments such as sea water, chemical solutions and acidic conditions.

316Ti stainless steel is characterized by its high durability against pitting corrosion, cracking and erosion. It is also resistant against stress corrosion cracking in environments containing chloride, which is why it is in Sectors such as the chemical industry, food processing, etc Pharmacy and marine technology is often used.


In addition, this material is well suited for Use at high temperatures because of its strength and Maintains corrosion resistance. Even during long periods of use at high temperatures It retains its mechanical properties at temperatures.


316Ti stainless steel has high tensile strength and good Ductility.


In summary, 316Ti stainless steel is a versatile one Alloy with excellent corrosion resistance, high Temperature resistance and good mechanical properties. It happens often Use in demanding industrial applications where Corrosion resistance and strength play a crucial role.