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Advantages of the exit key


high resistance to fire, water, corrosion and other environmental influences.

Airtight seal:

The sleeve can be sealed airtight by using PTFE sealing tape.

Robust construction:

A solid hexagon has the advantage over plates or discs that no plate or disc is accidentally lost.

High heat absorption time:

Another advantage is that there is a long heat absorption time until the melting point is reached.

High Heat Stability:

The construction ensures stability even at high temperatures.

Multiple protective barrier:

The additional sleeve creates a further protective barrier.

Discreet storage:

Compact size allows for discreet storage without relying on a safe.

High quality embossing device:

The embossing device made of anodized aluminum offers stable guidance of the punch numbers and does not use any plastic.

High temperature resistance:

House fires with temperatures up to approx. 900°C cannot harm the exitkey.

Why no titanium:

At temperatures associated with house fires, titanium's slightly higher temperature resistance is not necessary, but it does make embossing much more difficult.

Readability after fire:

In contrast to laser engravings on plates, the embossing remains easily legible even after firing.

Strong outer layer:

A solid 3 mm thick outer skin not only provides stability, but also forms a barrier against external influences on the core.

Modularity of words:

Words can be divided into several 6-sided bars. There can be space for 12 words, 24 words or even just one word on the exitkey.

Protection through seals:

The seal offers protection against unauthorized access by third parties, even within close family circles.

Coordinate punching:

Coordinate points can also be embossed on a hexagon to secure the location of another hexagon.

Versatile encryption options:

High flexibility allows different types of encryption, without restrictions on the length of the letters to be punched
Pay. Compatible with most hardware wallets such as Ledger, Bitbox, Trezor.